Artificial Intelligence (ICDL/ECDL)

An eLearning Module

Course Summary

The Artificial Intelligence module introduces the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) – the intelligence demonstrated by a machine when it perceives its environment and takes actions that maximise the likelihood of achieving specific goals.

The ICDL/ECDL Modules are eLearning modules.  Once we give you access to your chosen course, it is fully-supported, self-directed learning.  You will be provided with Diagnostic Tests and a final Test for the module.    Optional 'Live' Tutor sessions (although not necessary for the completion of your eLearning module) are scheduled for some of these modules and available in our Lir Membership site.  It you are interested in attending any of these sessions, they are booked separately.

Course Content

Unit 1 - What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Unit 2 - How does AI work?

Unit 3 - Common AI examples

Unit 4 - AI adoption: challenges and potential

How do I book my course?

First of all, contact Lir Reception (044) 9342754 before you book. This way you will get an opportunity to speak with a Training Professional to discuss your options and to make sure that this module is the best one for you. To register, fill out our Lir Registration Form. You will have been given an Access Code for this form.  Once registered we set you up with a Lir Microsoft email address which gives you access to Microsoft 365 software, at no extra cost to you. From there we send you access details on how to access your course so you can avail of the 'Live' Tutor scheduled Online Classes, Learner Supports and give you access to the Lir eLearning Hub.


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"This could be you ..."
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