Assessment Practice 6N2228 (Self-paced)

This is a standalone QQI Certified module, or part of the 6M4985 Business Major Award or an ideal award with the 6S3372 Training and Development Award

Course Summary

This module aims to provide you with the relevant knowledge, skills and competence to conduct assessments, understand certifying body requirements and gain an understanding of a diverse range of assessment tools - appropriate to a wide range of learners.  The principles of UDL (Universal Design for Learning) assessment will be covered on this module as an added bonus.

Course Content

Unit 1 - Assessment Principles

Unit 2 - Accommodating  Diversity

Unit 3 - Assessment Techniques

Unit 4 - Conducting an Assessment

Unit 5 - Preparation for a Monitoring Visit

Unit 6 - UDL for Assessment 

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 "I completed the Assessment Practice course having completed the Training Development Award at Lir.  I found it a great help to me when putting assignments, and assessments together and helping others do the same. The procedures for preparing for an External Authenticator visit has worked well here at our centre as well.  I would recommend this course." 

Helen B.
In-Company Trainer

 "Waiting ... 2022." 

Lir Swan

 "Waiting ... 2022." 

Lir Swan

Other Modules to consider towards Your Tutor/Trainer Qualifications, including the Lir QQI 6M4985 Business Major Award or ICDL 

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Training & Development (Specific Purpose) Award
(2 modules)

Training Delivery
and Evaluation
(1 module)
- part of 6S3372

Training Needs Identification and Design
-part of 6S3372

ICT in Education
(eLearning Online module)