Business Book Club

Joined a 'Business Book Club' recently ...

I joined an online 'Business Book Club' recently, and for the past couple of sessions, we have been looking back at that old classic ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill. I had read parts of this book many years ago (or listened to an audio version) - I can't remember which, but I realised that I had forgotten a lot of it.  How refreshing it was to read parts of this book with others, who are interested in business, and discuss its relevance today. 

It was interesting dissecting parts of what Napoleon Hill wrote and what it conjured up for us now. 

A quote: "... our only limitation, within reason, lies in our development and use of our imagination.  We have not yet reached the apex of development in the use of imaginative faculty.  We have merely discovered that we have an imagination, and have commenced to use it only in a very elementary way."  

Now don't get me started on the 'synthetic imagination' and 'creative imagination' or I'll be here all day.

Each session has been an hour-long so far, no wine involved but great fun and what a way to unwind from a day’s work.  Maybe it's worth tapping into Napoleon Hill's book again.

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