6M4985 Advanced Business Major Award

QQI Certified upon successful completion

Course Summary

The overall aim of this Programme is to provide you with the opportunity to enable youto acquire the knowledge, skills and competence to work both independently and/or under supervision in an advanced administrative role in a range of business environments and to progress further to an equal or higher level on the National Framework of Qualifications.  This is a part-time programme based on 1200 hours typical learner effort, comprising of both directed and self-directed learning. This Major Award lists a choice of 16 modules.  On successful completion of 8+ modules, your will gain 120 credits for the QQI Advanced Certificate in Business 6M4985.
 You are required to undertake a range of mandatory and elective modules, as indicated in the QQI Certificate Specification for the award 6M4985 (listed below).  We engage with each individual and organisation to ensure the programmes are customised to the particular needs of the individual/ organization, while focusing on the learning outcomes, content, assessment, and evaluation.
The content of the component modules is delivered under a range of different time periods, suiting the particular learner/ learner group/ organisation. Commitment to Lir Business Services & Training Centre’s QA is of paramount importance and standards are maintained.  
Ideally, you should be self–motivated and have the ability to apply yourself to working in a management capacity. You need to be able to grasp the theoretical concepts of business and management and be open to self-assessment, reflection and evaluation regarding how to improve and progress. Typically, a Learner could be in line for promotion within a business or want to progress within a business but certainly see themselves within a management / supervisory role in the future. You may have second Level education or other formal or informal learning.
This Major Award is also aimed at people wishing to re-enter the workforce, or re-skill to another vocational area. If you have not achieved a previous formal qualification to NFQ Level 5, it is expected that you will be able to demonstrate the levels of knowledge, skill and competence associated with the NFQ level 5 when joining this programme.
 As this award is also aimed at those working and wanting to up skill within the business sector, many of our learners come from this background, with learners who are working in a business administration environment with no qualifications but many years’ experience and who want a recognised qualification. They may be already doing the job of a supervisor/ manager and want to up-skill and gain the recognition for their knowledge on a practical basis. It is expected that you will have a range of learning styles, strengths and needs related to the programme. You should also have the capacity to take responsibility for your own learning in a constructivist knowledge environment along with the support of tutors. It is expected that all modules will be assessed within a twelve-month period from initial registration with Lir.
Progression: This Major Award may lead to entry-level College degrees - contact Lir Director of Training for information (or exit interview) or go to the CAO website for more information.

How do I book my course?

First of all, contact Lir Reception (044) 9342754 before you book. This way you will get an opportunity to speak with a Training Professional to discuss your options and to make sure that this module is the best one for you. To register, fill out our Lir Registration Form. You will have been given an Access Code for this form.  Once registered we set you up with a Lir Microsoft email address which gives you access to Microsoft 365 software, at no extra cost to you. From there we send you access details on how to access your course so you can avail of the 'Live' Tutor scheduled Online Classes, Learner Supports and give you access to the Lir eLearning Hub.


Director of Training/Tutor


Training Co-Ordinator



How to choose your QQI 6M4985 Advanced Business Major Award:

(You need 8 x modules (15 credits each) 120 credits: start counting

  • Mandatory:
  • 6N4310 Business Management
  • Choose 1 Module:
  • 6N1950 Communications
  • 6N2191 Leadership
  • Choose a minimum of 1 module
  • 6N1946 Work Experience
  • Remaining Modules 45 Credits:
  • 6N3750 Human Resources Management
  • 6N4089 Spreadsheets Advanced

  • 6N4977 Word Processing Advanced
  • Remaining credits: max 30 credits at Level 6, or max 15 credits at Level 5
  • 6N4169 Administration Practice
  • 6N2228 Assessment Practice
  • 6N4865 Bookkeeping (Manual & Computerised)
  • 6N4186 Front Office Skills
  • 6N4005 Payroll (Manual & Computerised)
  • 6N4329 Supervisory Management
  • 5N2428 Medical Terminology
  • 5N3113 Research and Study Skills
  • 5N0765 Intercultural Studies
  • Check the 5M2468 Business Administration Major Award modules (max, 1 module)

Award Fee

  • 6M4985 Business Major Award
  • 1800

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