6M4985 Advanced Business Major Award

QQI Certified upon successful completion

How to choose your QQI 6M4985 Advanced Business Major Award:

(You need 8 x modules (15 credits each) 120 credits: start counting

  • Mandatory:
  • 6N4310 Business Management
  • Choose 1 Module:
  • 6N1950 Communications
  • 6N2191 Leadership
  • Choose a minimum of 1 module
  • 6N1946 Work Experience
  • Remaining Modules 45 Credits:
  • 6N3750 Human Resources Management
  • 6N4089 Spreadsheets Advanced

  • 6N4977 Word Processing Advanced
  • Remaining credits: max 30 credits at Level 6, or max 15 credits at Level 5
  • 6N4169 Administration Practice
  • 6N2228 Assessment Practice
  • 6N4865 Bookkeeping (Manual & Computerised)
  • 6N4186 Front Office Skills
  • 6N4005 Payroll (Manual & Computerised)
  • 6N4329 Supervisory Management
  • Other suggestions for 1 module:
  • 5N2428 Medical Terminology
  • 5N3113 Research and Study Skills
  • 5N0765 Intercultural Studies
  • Check the 5M2468 Business Administration Major Award modules (max, 1 module)

If you are completing the 6M4985 Business Major Award, then you have to complete 6N4310 Business Management
 (15 credits) as it is a Mandatory Module.  
Otherwise just complete any of the following modules as QQI certified Standalone Component Certificates.  
Remember, you don't have to complete these modules in this order.

Level 6 Business Management 6N4310 text with hands on keyboard and logo

Elevate Your Business Management Skills: A Comprehensive Module for Strategic Decision-Making and Effective Leadership

The Business Management module, the heart and soul of this award, will elevate your understanding of strategic decision-making, organisational dynamics, and effective leadership. Designed to enhance your workplace skills in analysis, communication, and leadership across various sectors. Gain insights into industry trends, legal rights, and personal career planning. Start your journey to leadership today!

If you are completing the 6M4985 Business Major Award, then you have a choice of 6N1950 Communications and/or 6N2191 Leadership (15 credits each)

Level 6 Business Management 6N4310 text with hands on keyboard and logo

Enhance Your Communication Skills for
Professional Success

Gain vital skills to communicate effectively in everyday and work-related scenarios. Master digital technologies, understand relevant legislation, and enhance your verbal, non-verbal, and written communication. Whether leading a team or working independently, this course empowers you to excel in professional and personal interactions. Join us to elevate your communication expertise!

Enhance Your Leadership Abilities with this Comprehensive Module

This comprehensive module is designed to enhance your ability to lead effectively in any setting—be it professional or voluntary. You'll explore the evolution of leadership, assess various styles, and develop a personalised leadership plan. Improve your communication, problem-solving, and team management skills to lead with confidence and integrity. Join us to empower yourself and make a positive impact!

If you are completing the 6M4985 Business Major Award, then 6N1946 Work Experience is a Mandatory Module (worth 15 credits)

Empower Yourself with the Work Experience Module: Master Industry Trends and Supervisory Skills

Work Experience module ... designed to empower you with the skills to thrive in any workplace, whether public, private, or voluntary. Master the art of analysing industry trends, grasp advanced theoretical knowledge, and hone your supervisory abilities. Build your career with a comprehensive skills audit, and strategically plan your future with insights gained from real-world experience. Unlock your potential today!

If you are completing the 6M4985 Business Major Award, then you have to complete 6N3750 Human Resources Management, 6N4089 Spreadsheets Advanced and 6N4977 Word Processing Advanced (worth 15 credits each)

Unlocking the Full Potential of Any Organisation Through Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management is the key to unlocking the full potential of any organisation. Dive deep into the fascinating world of HR, where you'll learn the art of talent acquisition, employee development, and creating a culture of success. Become a champion of people and witness the positive impact you can make on both individuals and the organisation as a whole.

Unleashing the Power of Advanced Spreadsheets in Modern Business

Advanced Spreadsheets are the tools of a modern business. In this advanced module, you'll harness the full power of technology to create advanced spreadsheets, analyse complex data, and unlock insights that drive strategic decision-making. Step into the realm of true efficiency and unleash your inner data maestro!

Harnessing the Power of Advanced Word Processing for Modern Business

 Advanced Word Processing are the tools of a modern business. In this advanced module, you'll harness the full power of technology to create professional documents. Step into the realm of true efficiency and unleash your inner data maestro!

If you are completing the 6M4985 Business Major Award, then at this stage you should have 6 modules (90 credits) or 7 modules (105 credits).  
So you have one or two more modules to do from the following.  Note: a popular choice is Bookkeeping and Payroll, but if this is not an area you want to work in, then consider 6N4329 Supervisory Management, 6N4169 Administration Practice or 6N4186 Front Office Skills.

Understanding the Roles and Skills of Administrators in Various Organisations

This modules covers the knowledge and skills required by learners about administration and the administrator's roles in different organisations. It improves their understanding of administration, communication, decision-making, time management, and information technology skills to complete tasks efficiently.

Developing Competence in Assessment and Certification Requirements

This module aims to provide you with the relevant knowledge, skills and competence to conduct assessments, understand certifying body requirements and gain an understanding of a diverse range of assessment tools - appropriate to a wide range of learners. The principles of UDL (Universal Design for Learning) assessment will be covered on this module as an added bonus.

Mastering Bookkeeping: Manual and Computerised Techniques for  Accounting Success

Bookkeeping (Manual & Computerised) ... The Bookkeeping and Payroll modules are crucial for anyone aspiring to work in finance or accounting roles. You'll learn the ins and outs of bookkeeping, mastering techniques to maintain accurate financial records and handle payroll operations efficiently. This module ensures you possess the financial acumen necessary for success in the business world.

Enhancing Front Office Skills and Administration Practice

Front Office Skills ... Imagine being the vital link that ensures the smooth functioning of every organization. The Front Office Skills and Administration Practice modules will sharpen your abilities to manage front desk operations, handle inquiries with grace, and provide exceptional administrative support. Become the linchpin that keeps the wheels of the business turning!

Enhance Your Expertise in Payroll Management and Legislation

Join our Lir Payroll Level 6 Course for a transformative learning experience on payroll management and legislation. Gain in-depth knowledge on compliance, working time regulations, and tax requirements to boost your expertise.

Mastering Supervisory Management for Leadership Excellence

Supervisory Management is the pinnacle of leadership. This module will equip you with the skills to guide and inspire teams, manage conflicts, and drive operational excellence. Rise to the occasion and become the catalyst for growth and success within any organization.

Course Summary

Custom design your Major Award and blaze a trail in the field that ignites your passion!

With our blended approach to course delivery, you'll experience 'Live' Tutor Online modules, self-paced learning via the Lir eLearning Hub, and the unwavering support of your dedicated tutor. Access the knowledge you need, when you need it, and embark on a learning journey that fits your busy lifestyle.

To summarise: The overall aim of this Programme is to provide you with the opportunity to enable you to acquire the knowledge, skills and competence to work both independently and/or under supervision in an advanced administrative role in a range of business environments and to progress further to an equal or higher level on the National Framework of Qualifications.  This is a part-time programme based on 1200 hours typical learner effort, comprising of both directed and self-directed learning. This Major Award lists a choice of 16 modules.  On successful completion of 8+ modules, your will gain 120 credits for the QQI Advanced Certificate in Business 6M4985.

You are complete a range of mandatory and elective modules, as indicated in the QQI Certificate Specification for the award 6M4985 (listed below).  We engage with each individual and organisation to ensure the programmes are customised to the particular needs of the individual/ organization, while focusing on the learning outcomes, content, assessment, and evaluation.

The content of the component modules is delivered under a range of different time periods, suiting the particular learner/ learner group/ organisation. Commitment to Lir Business Services & Training Centre’s QA is of paramount importance and standards are maintained.  

Ideally, you should be self–motivated and have the ability to apply yourself to working in a management capacity. You need to be able to grasp the theoretical concepts of business and management and be open to self-assessment, reflection and evaluation regarding how to improve and progress. Typically, a Learner could be in line for promotion within a business or want to progress within a business but certainly see themselves within a management / supervisory role in the future. You may have second Level education or other formal or informal learning.

This Major Award is also aimed at people wishing to re-enter the workforce, or re-skill to another vocational area. If you have not achieved a previous formal qualification to NFQ Level 5, it is expected that you will be able to demonstrate the levels of knowledge, skill and competence associated with the NFQ level 5 when joining this programme.
As this award is also aimed at those working and wanting to up skill within the business sector, many of our learners come from this background, with learners who are working in a business administration environment with no qualifications but many years’ experience and who want a recognised qualification. They may be already doing the job of a supervisor/ manager and want to up-skill and gain the recognition for their knowledge on a practical basis. It is expected that you will have a range of learning styles, strengths and needs related to the programme. You should also have the capacity to take responsibility for your own learning in a constructivist knowledge environment along with the support of tutors. It is expected that all modules will be assessed within a twelve-month period from initial registration with Lir.

Progression: This Major Award may lead to entry-level College degrees - contact Lir Director of Training for information (or exit interview) or go to the CAO website for more information.

How do I book my course?

First of all, contact Lir Reception (044) 9342754 before you book. This way you will get an opportunity to speak with a Training Professional to discuss your options and to make sure that this module is the best one for you. To register, fill out our Lir Registration Form. You will have been given an Access Code for this form.  Once registered we set you up with a Lir Microsoft email address which gives you access to Microsoft 365 software, at no extra cost to you. From there we send you access details on how to access your course so you can avail of the 'Live' Tutor scheduled Online Classes, Learner Supports and give you access to the Lir eLearning Hub.


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Award Fee

6M4985 Business Major Award (8 x modules only)


  • You have mandatory modules and elective modules you can choose. Phone Lir Reception (044) 9342754 to discuss.

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    • Course Materials Online
    • Microsoft 365 Licence (if required)
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