5M1997 Office Administration Major Award

Course Summary

This is a QQI Certified Major Award. The Award comprises of 8 modules. This Programme has been specifically designed for those who have an interest in working in a Business Administration/Office environment.  If you have completed your Leaving Certificate, or you are returning to work, or you are working in an office environment but do not have a recognised certification above level 4 and would like to gain skills/upskills and gain a qualification to work effectively in ba business administration role, then this is the Programme for you.  If you would like to know more about this Programme and how it could benefit you, then contact Lir Reception (044) 9342754 and speak to a Lir Training Professional.  This Programme is covered by PEL (Protection for Enrolled Learners)

How to choose your QQI 5M1997 Office Administration Major Award:

You need 8 x modules (15 credits each) 120 credits: start counting ...

  • Mandatory:
  • 5N1389 Information and Administration
  • 5N1422 Text Production
  • 5N1358 Word Processing
  • Choose 1 Module:
  • 5N0690 Communications
  • 5N0972 Customer Service
  • Choose 1  Module:
  • 5N1356 Work Experience
  • A minimum of 30 credits (2 modules) from the following:
  • 5N1354 Bookkeeping (Manual & Computerised)
  • 5N1610 Business Administration Skills
  • 5N0783 Database Methods (Microsoft Access)
  • 5N2428 Medical Terminology
  • 5N1546 Payroll (Manual & Computerised)
  • 5N1407 Reception and Frontline Office Skills
  • 5N1977 Spreadsheet Methods
  • 5N0972 Customer Service (if not selected abvove)
  • Remaining credits: max 30 credits at Level 5, or max 15 credits at Level 6 (if not selected above): 
  • 5N1364 Digital Marketing 
  • 5N0765 Intercultural Studies
  • 5N3113 Research and Study Skills
  • 6N4169 Administration Practice
  • 6N2228 Assessment Practice
  • 6N4310 Business Management
  • 6N3750 Human Resource Management
  • 6N2191 Leadership
  • 6N4329 Supervisory Management
  • Check the 6M4985 Business Major modules (max, 1 module)


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"I enjoyed the Bookkeeping L5 module. I did the module fully online. The resources and videos were very beneficial and Facilitator was always available."
Helena Crowe

Office Assistant (2021)

"This could be you ..."


"This could be you ..."


5M2428 Business Administration Major Award Fee

  • 5M1997 Office Administration Major Award
  • 1600

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