Business Administration Skills 5N1610

Course Summary

This is a  module you have to complete if you are  working towards completing the QQI 5M2468 Business Administration Major Award.
The aim is to give you the skills and knowledge  required, at level 5, if you are working or would like to work in a business/office administration area.
This module is a mandatory module towards a full QQI 5M2468 Business Admin Major Award.  An ideal module for all the administrative responsibilities in an office environment with lots of practical tips from Tutors who have years of experience working in different office environments

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Frances Gallagher



Highly recommended course. Easy to understand, informative, well organized. The Course is full of practical and valuable tips in an office environment for anyone who wants to enhance their skills. Really enjoyed the online experience. Thank you

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  • Business Administration 5N1610
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