Information and Administration 5N1389 - 'Live' Tutor Classes

This is a standalone QQI Certified module, or part of the 5M2468 Business Administration or 5M1997 Office Administration Major Award.

Course Summary

 To equip the you with the knowledge, skill, and competence to reach an understanding as to how organisations process information through the use of effective systems, methods and techniques so that you can operate effectively, under supervision in a range of organization environments. The module content module is designed to give you a better understanding of different types of business structures, the processing of information and the various functions of administration used. In today’s working environment there is a greater emphasis on planning, organizing, accuracy and time management of all personnel involved within an office environment. Use this information to create a real picture of what it like to work in an office where information and administration is clearly at work 

Course Content

 Introduction to Information and Administration

Unit 1 - Business Organisations

Unit 2 - Office Functions

Unit 3 - Organisational Charts

Unit 4 - Departments

Unit 5 - Workplace Legislation

Unit 6 -  Reception and Office Administration

Unit 7 -  Filing Systems

Unit 8 -  Computer Software and Apps

Unit 9 -  Networks, Cloud Computing and Social Media

Unit 10 -  Managing Accounting Activities

Unit 11 -  Business Transactions

Unit 12 - Planning, Administrative and Accounting

Unit 13 - Meetings

Unit 14 - Post and Postal Services

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"I thoroughly enjoyed this course, held in Navan.  My friend did this course online.  I have used a lot of what we covered in my new job which is great.  Many thanks."
Michelle Walshe

Office Assistant (2021)

"This could be you ..."


"This could be you ..."


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