Business Management 6N4310

Course Summary

This module aims to provide you with the knowledge, skills and attitude to work in management and understand of the role and function of management within the business environment.  You will get a better idea of organisational strategy, structure and entity (e.g. Vision, Purpose, Mission, aims, objectives, types within different environments).  You will look at how an organisation analyses their internal and external environments using a range of analysis tools, including SWOT and PEST analysis.  You will explore the different roles, processes and functions of management and its influence in the successful operation of the organisation, including both management and leadership styles of management. You will get to look at the human resources function within an organisation, evaluate a range of business management techniques to assist in management decision making, communication and the development of appropriate workflow systems and also the role of monitoring and evaluating KRAs/ KPI’s.  You will gain knowledge on how to develop good report writing skills in the compilation of a report on a management process to include a review and evaluation of the process. Overall, this module gives you the knowledge, skills and know-how necessary within a business management environment.

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       "An excellent, informative, and educational course that would help any business to follow logic, guidelines, and innovative ways to achieve success." 

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       "I work in an office and because of this course I could use flow charts to document how to do a task from start to finish. This helped other staff members in performing this task and made it much easier.." 

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