Training Delivery & Evaluation 6N3326 'Live' Tutor Classes

Course Summary

If you have ever considered training others in your own subject area of expertise, this course will enable you to acquire the knowledge, skill, competence and confidence, to deliver and evaluate a training intervention within a range of training and development contexts.
This module, together with QQI Training Needs Identification & Design 6N3325, leads to the QQI Training & Development Specific Purpose Award 6S3372 – the NEW Train the Trainer Qualification.

Course Content

Unit 0 - Introduction to Training Delivery and Evaluation

Unit 1 - Concepts and Theories

Unit 2 - Learning Styles and Preferences

Unit 3 - The Training Environment

Unit 4 - Assessment and Evaluation

Unit 5 - Creating a Training Session

Unit 6 - Presenting

Unit 7 - Skills Demonstrations

Unit 8 - Reflection

How do I book my course?

First of all, contact Lir Reception (044) 9342754 before you book. This way you will get an opportunity to speak with a Training Professional to discuss your options and to make sure that this module is the best one for you. To register, fill out our Lir Registration Form. You will have been given an Access Code for this form.  Once registered we set you up with a Lir Microsoft email address which gives you access to Microsoft 365 software, at no extra cost to you. From there we send you access details on how to access your course so you can avail of the 'Live' Tutor scheduled Online Classes, Learner Supports and give you access to the Lir eLearning Hub.


Director of Training/Tutor


Training Co-Ordinator



 "Lir works with the learners to help them achieve the best possible results in their chosen course. The Trainer was very supportive and helpful through the course. It showed that Frances has many years experience and she delivers an excellent training programme." 

Isolde I.
Horticulture Assistant (2019)

 "This course was extremely beneficial to me in everyway. I would not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone who wishes to train in this area. There is absolutely no part, or area in the content of the course where I felt disappointed. There is for me, no reason for why anyone should worry about this course not fulfilling their anticipated training needs. This course not only fulfilled all my expectations completely, but gave my far more than I anticipated gaining. I walked away from the course with much more than I expected to take with me at the end.

Ciaran Whyte
Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Mental Health Recovery Educator,, Mental Health and Well-being Coach (2020)

 "I was very pleased with the QQI courses content and general programme, and in particular the helpful assistance from Frances at LIR, Mullingar. John Donohoe, CEO, Oisin School of Bio-Energy.." 

John Donohoe, CEO
Oisin School of Bio-Energy (2021)

 "This was my first time attending a course online and I found the course was relevant and easy to follow. Frances has a lovely manner as a tutor, from the moment she appeared on the screen I felt completely confident to engage and ask any questions I had relative to the course." 

Deirdre Hunt
Trainer (2021)

 "Excellent, engaged learners participation, which can be difficult with remote learning. excellent, very relevant in todays environment, Covid-19 was also used throughout the course by learners who described how it has affected trainers.  shared experiences was also very interesting.." 

Majella K
Office Manager (2018)

Doing the course with Frances was actually a pivotal moment in my life. All my life I avoided public speaking of any sort and even faked being ill for my thesis presentation rather than face presenting to a small panel of people I knew well. At the beginning of the course Frances had created such a caring atmosphere within the group that I felt comfortable enough to confide in Frances. Throughout the program she worked with me and tailored my strengths to support my fear and complete my first presentation without going to pieces. I have brought these skills with me and I work as a program facilitator delivering a variety of social skills programmes to people with special needs. I will never be a brilliant public speaker and I still get nervous but I am now doing this every day as part of my job. This is in no small part down to Frances who showed me how to build confidence by knowing my subject thoroughly practicing rigourously andabove all not taking myself too seriously. I am forever in your debt and I would urge anyone taking the train the trainer course who is in need of specific support to at least speak with the guys at Lir before choosing a training course

Sean McCann
Facilitator (2019)

I just completed Training and Development Course Level 6 Online with Frances. Her delivery style is so easy to follow. Everyday we would learn something new and she kept us all engaged. Her guidance and support and knowledge on this course and online delivery was of the highest quality. The online course was the best I have come across and I have done a few this year. I will definitely be going back to do another course with Frances in the near future. I would recommend Frances to everyone who wants to up-skill or gain a new qualification.

Maria Flood
Facilitator (2020)

 "All course material was at a high standard, it will help me a lot in my future work. It was highly relevant,  When it comes to my workplace it will improve the way we approach our clients and it will put us on a higher level of authority.
The best part about this training was the flexibility, I could access it from the comfort of my own home and learn. I’m now definitely more confident in the services I offer and I know I will use the knowledge gained to make my services even better. Frances has been an exceptional teacher and makes learning fun!

Tea Segon
Administrator (2022)

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  • Attend a Public Lir Course
  • Lir Upcoming Course Dates
  • Self-directed Learning - Lir eLearning Hub
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  • Lir Mobile Course App
  • Lir Microsoft 365 Software
  • Lir Community Chat
  • CE Participant Rate (Contact Lir Reception 044-934 2754)
  • Or In-Company (Tailor-made Course)

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