Happy Monday ... New Goals ... New Start ... Re-start

Or is it?

Happy Monday ... New Goals ... New Start ... Re-start

What is it about Mondays, that makes it so exciting?  Is it the chance to start something, clear the sheet and start again, or is it purely aspirational in that we hope or know that it's going to be better than last week?  

Whatever it is, it works for me.  

When you think of it, 'Motivational Monday' is a modern-day concept, but it has gained popularity over the years, emerging from motivational and self-improvement movements that have been around forever. I think if it in terms of starting a new week, possibly setting some achievable goals, whether personal or professional. 

I suppose the idea of using Mondays as a starting point for setting goals and staying motivated may have stemmed from the traditional notion of the first day of the week being a fresh start.

In recent times, social media has played a significant role in promoting Motivational Monday. Hashtags such as #MotivationalMonday, #MondayMotivation, and #StartYourWeekRight have become popular on various social media platforms, allowing people to share their motivational messages, quotes, and stories.

It has become a weekly ritual for me and many people who use it as a way to stay focused and motivated.

In this blog, I've added some tips and tricks for setting Monday goals, creating a motivational mindset, and making the most of the start of the week - some of which I have used, the rest, the week is just not long enough ...

  1. Set Specific and Realistic Goals

When it comes to setting Monday goals, it's important to be specific and realistic. Don't just aim to "be more productive" or "get things done". Instead, set clear targets that you can work towards throughout the day or week. Whether it's finishing a big project, hitting a sales target, or finally tackling that pile of paperwork, having a clear goal in mind will give you focus and motivation. However, it's also important to be realistic. Don't set goals that are impossible to achieve in a day, or that require too much effort or resources. Instead, break down larger goals into smaller, more manageable tasks that you can work on steadily.

2. Start with a Positive Mindset

    Mondays can often be associated with a sense of dread or negativity, but it doesn't have to be that way. Instead of focusing on the negatives, try to start your day with a positive mindset. Think about what you're looking forward to this week, what you're grateful for, or what successes you've had recently. You could also try listening to some upbeat music, doing some gentle stretching or yoga, or simply taking a few deep breaths to calm your mind and boost your mood.

    3. Prioritise Your Tasks

      Once you've set your Monday goals and have a positive mindset, it's time to start tackling your tasks. However, it's important to prioritise your tasks in order of importance and urgency. Don't try to tackle everything at once or get bogged down in unimportant tasks. Instead, focus on the most pressing or high-priority tasks first, and work through your to-do list methodically. If you find yourself getting distracted or overwhelmed, take a break or switch to a different task for a while.

      4. Stay Focused and Motivated

        Staying focused and motivated can be a challenge, especially on a Monday. However, you can use plenty of tips to keep your energy levels up and your mind focused. Try taking regular breaks to stretch your legs and clear your mind - I don't know about you, but I could end up sitting at the computer for hours and then get shocked at the length of time there.  Use a timer to work in short bursts of focused productivity, or reward yourself with a treat or break after completing a task - proves to be a bit counter-productive if I'm treating myself too much - again, guilty.  My preference is to work on my own, but I must admit working as part of a team or with a partner to keep each other accountable and motivated really works.

        5. Reflect and Learn

          At the end of the day (or week), if I take a quick glance back and reflect on my progress, it's amazing how many small 'wins' you can gain. As a training practitioner, reflecting on how a class went and how I could improve it the next time is second nature to me.  I find using these reflections to set new goals for the following week helps to stay motivated and positive throughout the week.

          I'm inclined to agree that there is something in setting Monday goals and creating a motivational mindset as a great way to kick off the week and stay productive and positive.  So go ahead, set those goals and make Monday a great day!

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