Medical Terminology 5N2428 (Self-paced)

This is a standalone QQI Certified module, or part of the 5M2468 Business Administration or 5M1997 Office Administration Major Award.

Course Introduction

Welcome to the world of medical terminology with our exciting 5N2428 Medical Terminology course! 

  • If you're looking to embark on a journey into the area of healthcare communication and administrative excellence, then you've come to the right place.  
  • In this course, we will kickstart your medical terminology adventure by diving headfirst into the fascinating world of Introduction to Medical Terminology. Brace yourself as we unravel the intricate web of medical language, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to decipher complex medical terms like a true professional.  
  • But that's not all! We'll delve into the crucial Role and Function of the Medical Secretary, unveiling the secrets of their vital contributions in the healthcare system. You'll discover how their seamless coordination and efficient communication play a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth operation of medical offices.  
  • Communication is the lifeblood of any medical environment, and our course leaves no stone unturned in exploring the intricacies of Communication in a Medical Environment. From mastering professional phone etiquette to refining your written communication skills, you'll be equipped with the tools to convey your message with utmost clarity and precision.  
  • As we journey deeper, we'll venture into the realm of Medical Office Procedures and Filing. You'll discover the art of maintaining impeccable records, efficient appointment scheduling, and effective file management. These fundamental skills are the backbone of a well-organised medical office, and you'll be a pro at keeping things running smoothly.  
  • In this ever-changing healthcare landscape, staying up-to-date with relevant Legislation is crucial. Our course ensures you are well-versed in the laws and regulations that govern medical practices, ensuring compliance and ethical practices.  
  • But wait, there's more! Our immersive learning experience includes captivating Case Studies that will challenge your problem-solving skills. You'll get hands-on experience tackling real-life scenarios, allowing you to put your knowledge into practice and hone your decision-making abilities.  
  • We won't stop there. You'll also learn the art of typing up Medical Documentation with precision and speed, ensuring that every word you type matters in the world of healthcare.  
  • To truly become better at understanding medical terminology, we'll guide you through the intricate maze of Medical Abbreviations. You'll decipher the cryptic codes used by healthcare professionals, enabling you to understand and communicate effectively within the medical field.  
  • Pronunciation is key, and our course doesn't leave it to chance. We'll equip you with the expertise to confidently navigate the world of Medical Pronunciation, ensuring you sound like a true healthcare professional.  
  • And finally, you'll have the opportunity to put your skills to the test with rigorous Medical Terminology practice. You'll reinforce your knowledge and develop the fluency necessary to excel in a modern Medical Office environment through interactive exercises and engaging activities.  
  • So, are you ready to embark on this thrilling journey into the heart of medical language and administrative excellence? 
  • Enrol in our Lir 5N2428 Medical Terminology course today and unlock the door to endless possibilities in the healthcare industry. Get ready to unleash your potential and carve a path to success in the world of medical communication!  
  • Overall summary: This programme module aims to prepare, you, the learner, with the necessary knowledge, skill and competence in a range of medical terminology appropriate specifically to a medical office environment. This is an ideal module for a receptionist, secretary, administrative assistant or Office Manager role in a clinical, medical practice, or within a hospital setting.

Course Content

Unit 1 - Introduction to Medical Terminology

Unit 2 - Role and Function of the Medical Secretary

Unit 3 - Medical Terminology

Unit 4 - Communications in a  Medical Environment

Unit 5 - Procedures and Filing

Unit 6 - Relevant Legislation

Unit 7 - Case Study

Unit 8 - Medical Documentation

Unit 9 - Medical Abbreviations

Unit 10 - Medical Pronunciation

Unit 11 - Medical Terminology Practice

Unit 12 - Medical Terminology Assessment

How do I book my course?

First of all, contact Lir Reception (044) 9342754 before you book. This way you will get an opportunity to speak with a Training Professional to discuss your options and to make sure that this module is the best one for you. To register, fill out our Lir Registration Form. Once registered we set you up with a Lir Microsoft email address which gives you access to Microsoft 365 software, at no extra cost to you. From there we send you access details on how to access your course so you can avail of the 'Live' Tutor scheduled Online Classes, Learner Supports and give you access to the Lir eLearning Hub.


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"I found this course of great benefit as a person with no connection with the medical world other that that of being a patient, in that I gained an awareness and knowledge of the language of medicine, and terminology used by the medical profession. This serves to benefit me now, and will do in the future, should I ever be in an environment where the language of medicine is employed."
Edel M.

Office Administrator (2021)

"Very professional and understanding, great support throughout the course. I felt very at ease and gained more confidence.  I found this course very interesting and enjoyable and I’ve never worked in this kind of area until I became a Receptionist through a CE Scheme and I am enjoying it all – new skills and meeting great people."
Donna B.


"This could be you ..."


Self-Paced Course


  • 1-to-1 Online Tutor Support 
  • Self-directed Learning in the Lir eLearning Hub
  • Tutor Online Support
  • Weekly Check-in
  • Lir Mobile Course App
  • Lir Microsoft 365 Software
  • Lir Learner Supports
  • Lir Community Chat
  • CE Participant Rate (Contact Lir Reception 044-934 2754)
  • Or In-Company (Tailor-made Course)

Flexi-Pay (2 x €150)


  • 1-to-1 Online Tutor Support 
  •  Self-directed Learning in the Lir eLearning Hub 
  • Tutor Online Support 
  • Weekly Check-in 
  • Lir Mobile Course App 
  • Lir Microsoft 365 Software 
  • Lir Learner Supports 
  • Lir Community Chat
  • CE Participant Rate (Contact Lir Reception 044-934 2754)
  • Or In-Company (Tailor-made Course)

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